Sowing Stories
Sowing Stories
Digging histories and telling tales


Historical Research

I have worked for both academic and commercial projects and know the importance of

  • Tight-deadlines

  • Thorough, accessible summaries

  • Clear communication 

I am comfortable using archives and libraries across Britain and know the importance of nurturing good relationships with the descendants of historical subjects. 


Business Biography

Creating a biography for your business allows you to explore the core-values that have shaped your work, providing a ready-source of inspiration and helping you to focus on the future ahead. When you convey how you've come to be, you help build a sense of trust and longevity with your clientele.  

As your biographer I can interview founders, customers, employers and contractors to create a history for you that will inspire future promotional material.  Good research takes time, I like to get to know the landscapes that has shaped your work, so writing your history is as much about understanding the wider context your business developed, and is housed in. Getting to know the history of your premises or surrounding neighbourhoods will enrich your understanding and involvement with the local community, strengthening the foundations of your customer-base.      


Team-building Walks

Walking is such a great way to get the ideas flowing and when you do it with other people it can be even more surprising what connections are made and what theories get blown apart. As your guide I'm not there to lecture you but rather to give you and your colleagues opportunities to think about the world around you, how it changes and what you can do to shape that. I can create a historical tour around a subject of your choice that will help your team to re-engage with their work and each other.        

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