Sowing Stories
Sowing Stories
Digging histories and telling tales

"Economy In Small Details": Photographing Borough's untold histories

Sunday 29th April 2018 (£20 + booking fee) 

Learn to capture the history hidden in plain sight. This unique collaboration, between myself and the photographer Anna Southgate, will give you the skills and inspiration to tell stories and histories through your own photos. 

Walk through the streets of Borough to trace the story of Elizabeth Burgwin, the country-girl who left home at 13 to become Victorian London’s leading educational pioneer.

  • Visit the site that inspired the first campaign for free school meals
  • Hear the stories and find the homes of the families that convinced Burgwin she “not merely…turn out an educated woman but a good and happy woman.”
  • Discover an age of contrast in which a ground-breaking, independent woman, could also be labeled as a ‘traitor’ to Sisterhood.

Throughout the morning you will uncover some of Southwark’s contemporary gems, from small galleries to hidden gardens. With expert advice from Anna you will find out how to turn what you hear and see into your own visual story! 

Anna is a family and commercial photographer specialising in natural and honest imagery. She helps people to tell their story in a candid, emotive way. Having heard too many times from her clients that they were intimidated by using their own camera, she started teaching relaxed workshops and one-to-one sessions to demystify the technical bits and to encourage and nurture the creative bits. Anna believes photos belong on walls, in memory boxes and in the hands of your future grandchildren; not locked inside screens.