Sowing Stories
Sowing Stories
Digging histories and telling tales

Tree Week (27th May - 5th June)

These FREE events are being run in partnership with the London Wildlife Trust and the Greater London Authority as part of Mayor of London's Tree Week. Due to their locality places are limited so click on your desired date to book a space.  

Forest Immersion

‘Forest bathing' is a form of active mindfulness when walking in nature (nothing to do with swimming!). You can read more about 'forest bathing' here. These sessions take inspiration from the practice, immersing you in the sight, sound, scent, texture and taste of Sydenham Hill and Dulwich Woods. Each session will provide a unique experience of the woodland environment.  You will leave refreshed, relaxed and ready to connect again with the world around you.

Saturday 27th May 12:30 -13:30

Monday 29th May 19:30 - 20:30 (SOLD OUT)

Friday 02 June        07:30-08:30

Walking Lore (family story-telling)

Discover the legends and folktales lurking in the woods. Our senses will guide us through this walking-lore of Dulwich and Sydenham Hill Woods. Together we will trace the tale of the orphaned Lambeth girl, who lived among the trees and used them to stow away a book which she had written in her own secret language. Along the way, discover the ghosts of the Victorians who cut through the Woods, only for the Wood to fight back and become a haven for wildlife.

Saturday 3rd June 14:00-16:00

Saturday 3rd June 18:00-20:00