Sowing Stories
Sowing Stories
Digging histories and telling tales

A bit of earth...



Imogen Lee

I'm Imogen and for over a decade I've been working in and out of London's archives, clearing paths to histories of childhood, disability and social change. You can learn more about what I've been up to here.


Long before I moved to London, however, well before understanding that disabilties could be made and unmade or that History was as much about what we forget as it is about what we remember, Francis Hodgson-Burnett's The Secret Garden had sparked a passion in me for unearthing the story hidden in plain sight. In Hodson-Burnett's book, our anti-heroine, mary lennox, is asked by her uncle if she wants for anything, to which she replies,

"Might I have a bit of earth? To plant seeds in - to make things grow - to see them come alive."


This website then, is my ‘bit of earth’: a place to dig up histories and sow stories. So come grow some with me!